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First Time?

First Time Cyclist?

If this is your first AIDS/LifeCycle experience, chances are you are nervous, overwhelmed or in denial!  This is normal and we understand.  You are what the AIDS/LifeCycle community calls a “newbie”, which is definitely a term of endearment!  We were all newbies once so we have designed this section to address those particular FAQs that all newbies have.

Whether you’ve just registered to ride, or are thinking about registering, here are the best resources for you to help get you started on your experience of a lifetime:

Need to Buy a Bike?

Getting a bike and equipment can be overwhelming when you first start out. So much new lingo to learn! Take a look at these tips to find out what to look for. Remember, everyone’s different. The most important consideration is your comfort!

Nervous about Training?

Check out our calendar of Training Rides lead by our wonderful Training Ride Leaders. These rides are designed to train all levels of cyclists from start to finish! No one gets left behind. There are also helpful and informative Training Workshops you can attend. (Link to Calendar of Events)  If you are not in the Los Angeles or Greater Bay Area, we still might have some training rides for you! Please contact your Cyclist Rep to find training rides and other cyclists in your area.

Need to start your fundraising?

It’s not as hard as you think.  Often the hardest part of fundraising is getting started! Check out these tools and resources that you can use to reach your goal – there are plenty of ideas to keep you busy!

What’s it Like Anyway?

Bikes and tents and red dresses! Oh My! To get an idea of what life is like on AIDS/LifeCycle, check out the Life on the Event section! It will give you an idea of the fun to be had and the support we offer.

Got other Burning Questions?

WE ARE HERE TO HELP! Ask your friendly Cyclist Representative! Your Rep will make sure you have all the information you need to get started on your training and fundraising.