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Participant Teams

A team can consist of two or more participants, and can be a combination of cyclists, virtual cyclists, and roadies. It can be a group of co-workers, family members, cycling club members, or simply a group of friends who want the camaraderie that a team provides. Anyone can join or start a team. Below are some frequently asked questions (and answers) about how teams work.

What are the advantages of being on a team?

A team can provide support, helping you overcome many of the fears you might be experiencing. Your teammates can motivate you to train (especially on those mornings when you want to sleep in!), and they can help you achieve your fundraising goal. Your teammates can be inspiring sources of creativity, especially when it comes to fundraising. For a first time participant, a team is a great way to get involved with the AIDS/LifeCycle community.

How do I join a team?

You can join an existing team or you can create a new one at the time you register for AIDS/LifeCycle. If you are already registered and would like to join an existing team, contact your Participant Representative and they will connect you with the Team Captain.

If you are already registered and would like to start a new team, contact your Participant Representative and they will set up your team and walk you through the tools available on our website.

Can a roadie join a team?

Yes, a team can consist of cyclists and roadies.

Are Roadie teams the same as participant teams?

Nope! Roadie jobs are broken up into “teams” based on their function such as Lunch Team, Bike Parking Team, Sweep Team, etc. Roadies can still form or join teams with any cyclist or other roadie friends!

What is the fundraising requirement for team members?

Each cyclist on a team is responsible for raising the required minimum of $3,000 by Orientation Day. Fundraising is optional for roadies, but many choose to do so to support the cause.

Can someone donate to a team?

Donations can only be made to individual participants. Donations cannot be split among team members, or transferred from one participant to another. When a donor visits a team page, they will see a list of team members, with links to their individual pages where they can donate. It’s easy for them to support multiple team members, but again—donations can only be made to individuals.