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Los Angeles LGBT Center HIV/AIDS-Related Services Fact Sheet

The Los Angeles LGBT Center has been a leader in battling AIDS and caring for those who are HIV-infected since the earliest days of the pandemic. Today, the millions of dollars raised annually by AIDS/LifeCycle participants support these vital services:

Medical Care

The Center’s Jeffrey Goodman Special Care Clinic offers people living with HIV comprehensive free or low-cost primary and specialty medical care. About 2,900 people receive care at the clinic each year, with 42% of them identifying as Hispanic or Latino.

Mental Health Services

The Center’s staff of mental health professionals offers one-on-one and group therapy to help people struggling with HIV overcome substance abuse and addiction, adhere to difficult HIV drug regimens, improve self-esteem, get through the trauma of a new HIV diagnosis, and manage other issues they may be facing. The program serves more than 1,900 people each year.


The Center’s full-service pharmacy provides help for patients who struggle to afford costly medications. For patients without private insurance, medications are supported by the AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP), Medi-Cal, and Medicare, as well as AIDS/LifeCycle fundraising dollars.

HIV Testing

One out of eight people nationwide who are HIV-positive don’t know it. The Center is working to lower that percentage by offering free HIV testing in Hollywood and in West Hollywood, where we also test for chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis. The Center tests 1,600 people for HIV each month. The tests are among the most advanced available and can detect HIV as early as seven days after exposure.

HIV Prevention

The Center works to reduce the spread of HIV through a myriad of education and prevention services, including the bold F*ck W/out Fear campaign to raise awareness for pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) as a safe and effective tool to prevent HIV infection;, a website featuring a variety of entertaining HIV prevention videos and links to resources at the Center to reduce the risk of infection for those who live or work in West Hollywood; and Positive Images, a “live better program” for HIV-positive people.

HIV Research

The Center’s HIV research is aligned with the National HIV/AIDS Strategy, focusing on intervening at every stage of HIV infection: testing high risk populations, linking newly diagnosed people to HIV care, retaining them in care, starting them on HIV medications as soon as possible, supporting and increasing adherence to their antiretroviral medications, and ultimately reducing their HIV viral load to undetectable levels. This comprehensive approach is a complex but promising strategy for reducing “community viral load” and ultimately ending HIV/AIDS as an epidemic in the U.S.