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L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center HIV/AIDS-Related Services Fact Sheet

The L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center has been a leader in battling AIDS and caring for those who are HIV-infected since the earliest days of the pandemic. Today, the millions of dollars raised annually by AIDS/LifeCycle participants support these vital services: 

Medical Care

The Center’s Jeffrey Goodman Special Care Clinic offers people living with HIV/AIDS comprehensive free or low-cost primary and specialty medical care. About 2,100 people receive care at the clinic each year.

Mental Health Services

The Center's staff of mental health professionals offers one-on-one and group therapy to help people struggling with HIV overcome substance abuse and addiction; adhere to difficult HIV drug regimens; improve self-esteem; get through the trauma of a new HIV diagnosis and manage other issues they may be facing. The program serves more than 1,600 people each year.


The Center’s full-service pharmacy provides help for patients who struggle to afford costly medications. For patients without private insurance, medications are supported by the AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP), Medi-Cal and Medicare as well as fundraising dollars.

HIV Testing

The Center tests 800-1,000 people for HIV each month and was one of the first in the nation to adopt rapid HIV testing. A mobile unit— the POW! (Prevention on Wheels) van—takes HIV testing directly to those who are most at-risk and hard to reach.

HIV Prevention

The Center works to reduce the spread of HIV through myriad education and prevention services, including: WEHO Life, a program that distributes thousands of condoms and prevention materials yearly to West Hollywood businesses; Positive Images, a “live better program” for HIV-positive people; and In the Moment, a web-based soap opera following the lives of young gay men making decisions about sex, relationships, drug use and other life issues.

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