AIDS/LifeCycle is a fully-supported cycling event. All you have to do is pedal and make sure you stay safe while you are doing it.

You’ll ride your bike all day, and we’ll camp together at night. We’ll provide a hot breakfast and dinner in camp, and lunch out on the route. There will be rest stops along the route to refuel your body, fill your water bottles, and, should you need it, provide repair for your bicycle or medical care. Once you arrive in camp each day, sleeping tents, hot showers, massage, chiropractic, sports medicine, medical care and bike tech will be available to keep you and your bike in peak condition!

The route is absolutely beautiful. You’ll see California in a way not many other people do. There are seven days of riding, and each day is different. One day, you’ll be riding a flat route along the coast or through artichoke and strawberry fields, the next you might be riding through fog banks and foothills. Learn more

Whether you’re out cycling during the day, or walking back to your tent in camp, you will surely notice the incredible level of support available to participants. We travel down the coast together, a mobile support system, with one goal in mind: to arrive in Los Angeles safely, having raised funds and awareness for HIV/AIDS.

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