Roadie Calendar

The items below are just a small selection specifically for Roadies. A full list of training rides, events, and workshops can be found on the ALC Calendar.  


July 8 ALC 2015 Participant Center goes live
July 26 AIDS/LifeCycle Thank You Party - Los Angeles


August 2 AIDS/LifeCycle Thank You Party - San Diego
August 9 AIDS/LifeCycle Thank You Party - San Francisco
August 9 SoCal ALC Pool Party


December 1 World AIDS Day


May 30 ALC 2015 Orientation Day
May 31 ALC 2015 Opening Ceremony
May 31-June 6 AIDS/LifeCycle 2015


June 6 Finish Line Festival and Closing Ceremony
June 13 Christopher Street West Pride (LA)
June 14 Christopher Street West Pride Parade (LA)