AIDS Lifecycle - Ride to end AIDS


Roadie F.A.Q.

You have questions about being a Roadie for AIDS/LifeCycle? We have answers!

Q. What exactly do Roadies do?

A. Absolutely everything! Roadies take an empty field and turn it into a thriving and efficient campsite for 3,000. Roadies transform an empty road into a well-supported route with Rest Stops full of snacks and electrolytes, bike techs, sweep vehicles, and more. Roadies find tired bodies returning to camp each evening and they massage and feed and cheer them. Roadies make AIDS/LifeCycle happen!

Q. How will I get to San Francisco from Los Angeles; is there a Shuttle?

A. Each participant is responsible for his or her own transportation to SF for the beginning of the Ride and from LA at the end of the Ride. AIDS/LifeCycle will post details in the Travel Planner to help you make your travel arrangements. 

Q. When do we need to arrive in SF?

A. You need to arrive in the morning for Orientation Day.  All participants are required to be at Orientation Day (unless you are on the Advance Set-Up A or Advance Route Marking teams, as they must leave the day before.)

Q. When do we start working on the Ride, and will I get to see Opening Ceremony?

A. Depending on your team assignment, you are welcome and encouraged to attend Opening Ceremony.

Q. How do we get to and from our assignments each day?

A. Once you are on the event we provide all your transportation. Generally you travel with your team in a truck, car, van or bus.

Q. Can I bring my own vehicle on the event?

A. Due to limited space, insurance requirements and team continuity, the general answer is no.

Q. Where do we sleep?

A. You will be provided with a roomy two-person tent and each evening, you will set it up in a specified location in our tent city. You will need to bring a sleeping bag and sleeping pad.

Q. How do we get a tent assignment?

A. Tent assignment will be made available online through your Participant Center in April. If you choose not to select your tentmate online, you will receive your tent assignment on Orientation Day. You will be assigned a same gender tent mate unless you specifically ask to tent with another specific participant.

Q. What should I pack for the week?

A. You can find a Roadie packing list in our Travel Planner.

Q. Are there laundry facilities in camp?

A. No, there are no laundry services available in camp.

Q. What costs will there be for me during the event?

A. Very few. Once you are on the event, your meals, tenting, transportation, and even some entertainment are provided for you. You will need some pocket money for incidentals.

Q. May I stay in a hotel while working on the event?

A. We encourage everyone to stay in camp for the duration of the event, as camp life is a wonderful part of the experience. If you do decide to stay in a hotel, please note that all arrangements for off-site room and board are your responsibility. This includes any transportation to and from camp. It is also imperative that off-site dwellers arrive at camp on time for the start of their Roadie responsibilities. (Some positions will not permit off-site dwelling.)

Q. Will I be able to participate in the Closing Ceremony?

A. Yes, all Roadies and Cyclists are encouraged to participate in the Closing Ceremony.

Q. Are meals provided and if so, are vegetarian meals available?

A. Each participant receives a hot breakfast and dinner daily in camp, plus a bagged lunch and loads of snacks. You must decide on either vegetarian or non-vegetarian meals in advance of the event and you may not switch between the two during the course of the event, as our caterer goes to great lengths to make sure we have adequate amounts of each choice.

Q. What hours will I work every day?

A. Each Roadie team is different; each team has their own special schedule. Some teams start at 5:00 am each day and they are usually the first to finish their duties. Other teams start later and finish later, and breaks are built into each shift.

Q. Are there showers?

A. Yes, good, hot showers.

Q. Can I have friends meet me at camp and can they stay with me?

A. You may have friends visit you in camp. Please advise them to check in at the Camp Services tent to receive their guest badge. However, due to our limited space and resources, they are not eligible to receive any participant services, such as meals or tenting. Visitors may not stay overnight with you in camp.

Q. Is health insurance required?  What do I do if I am not covered?

A. Yes, health insurance is required. If you are not presently covered, we would be happy to provide you with information about acquiring short-term coverage. Contact your Roadie Coordinator if you have further questions.

Q. I have special medicines that require refrigeration. What should I do?

A. Our Medical Team (who are all Roadies, just like you) is comprised of doctors, nurses and other medical professionals who will take care of all your refrigerated prescription drugs needs, including delivering them to you during the day if you are working out on the route.

Q. Do Roadies fundraise?

A. Yes, absolutely! Many Roadies do fundraise.  While there is no requirement to do so, we encourage everyone to try. The reason we are doing this event is to raise critical funds needed for those living with HIV. Throughout the last 13 years of AIDS/LifeCycle, Roadies have raised over $1.7 million for San Francisco AIDS Foundation and Los Angeles LGBT Center. For further information about fundraising, please check out the fundraising page on this website or contact your Roadie Coordinator.

Q. How do I build a homepage?

A. Login to our website, go to your Participant Center and follow the easy instructions. You can upload a picture and send email. Your friends and family can donate to your account through your homepage.