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Roadie Fundraising Incentives

We've got several fun and exciting fundraising incentives to reward Roadies who go above and beyond in their fundraising. Check out the details below!

Light Your way by raising $500

Keep your hands protected when you raise $1,500

Have an early call time? Want to be able to find your way to the port-a-potty in the middle of the night? Don't worry! This headlamp will light your way. Raise $500 by Orientation Day, and this Roadies Rock exclusive will be yours!

We know that you will be lifting a lot of stuff -- tables, chairs, ice, bikes, boxes, and tents. Protect your hands with these Roadies Rock work gloves. If you raise $1,500 by Orientation Day, you can show off your Roadie pride in these durable gloves.

Warm Your body with this jacket if you raise $3,000

Roadie Glove fundraising trophy

Stay warm on those cold mornings and chilly evenings with this awesome Roadies Rock jacket. It's soft. It's warm. There are tons of pockets! It will be yours if you raise $3,000 by Orientation Day!

Last year, we awarded the inaugural Roadie Glove Fundraising trophy. We are doing it again! During the ride we will award the 2nd Annual Roadie Glove trophy to the Roadie team with the highest average fundraising per active Roadie.

Go the distance, and you will also earn the $5,000 and $10,000 incentives. Roadies who qualify at this incentive level can choose to receive either the cycling incentive or a $100 gift certificate to the Camp Store. More information here

Watch Facebook and the Roadie Spin for other special free-floating incentives!