AIDS Lifecycle - Ride to end AIDS


What is a Roadie?

A Roadie is a person who volunteers their time for the full week of AIDS/LifeCycle working on the event.

Roadies are selfless, dedicated, and unbelievably committed as the all-volunteer workforce of AIDS/LifeCycle. For 7 days, these folks will dedicate their time, energy, and hearts to waking up very early, going to sleep very late and being in charge of pretty much all the work that happens on the event.

This includes, but is definitely not limited to, setting up and breaking down campsites and Rest Stops, serving meals, pouring water, making electrolyte drink, picking up trash, parking bicycles, fixing bicycles, picking up exhausted riders, wrapping sore knees, giving massages, leading cheers, giving directions, hanging signs, marking the route, and just about anything else you can think of! In addition to all this work, Roadies are known for giving hugs, making us laugh, and generally keeping us all openhearted and on our toes.

Oh yes, and Roadies Rock!

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