AIDS Lifecycle - Ride to end AIDS


About Me

I grew up exploring the mountains of Idaho. Hiking, camping, and riding the 1975 Motobecane that my high school chemistry teacher gave me as a hand-me-down. I learned early how strapping on a helmet and climbing into the saddle can change the way the world looks. Whether zipping down a mountain pass after a 2-hour climb, or cruising through traffic, noticing the subtle scent of Jasmine flowers in bloom, the experience of being on a bike is transporting, soothing, healing. It somehow brings us closer to each other, and to the world we live in.

As a community organizer and activist, I found something similar. Regardless of background or personality, when people are working together, with a passion, toward a common goal, their view of the world shifts. They begin to see people differently, and to appreciate the precious world in which we all live.

AIDS/LifeCycle is a combination of the two. A blending of personal discovery and community empowerment. It is love and grief and blood and life. It is a place with room for everyone. No matter where you come from. No matter where you're going.