About Me

It seems like only yesterday when I sat across the table on that rainy April afternoon from my now good friend Julie and signed my name on the bottom of the ALC registration form. I could not have known at that moment that my life had just changed...forever. I rode ALC 2 that year with about 400 other cyclists on my 40lb mountain bike. I had lost friends and co-workers to this disease. None affected me more than the loss of my good friend Gary in 1992.

After 10 years without his smiling face I realized that he had now been gone from my life longer than I had known him when he was alive. After 10 years I became part of this amazing family who helped me reconcile some of the grief and frustration I still felt.

This was what I had been looking for; a way to honor my friend and do something to honor him....something big. Well that first "something big" turned into several more and before I new it I ridden 3 ALC's in a row! Then I heard about a job opportunity with the event I had come to so love. The desire to so "something big" became a drive to do "something bigger". I came to work for AIDS/LifeCycle that year on ALC 5.

My experience here has proven to me that angels DO exist...right here on earth. They ride bicycles, they drive gear trucks, they serve food, bandage boo boo's, and rub sore muscles. I cannot tell you about me without also telling you what this event and all of you mean to me. If you haven't yet had your "ALC Experience" perhaps it's time you find out what I discovered on that rainy April day.