AIDS Lifecycle - Ride to end AIDS


About Me

On a cold and crisp December morning in 2011, I met my friend Jason at a Starbucks in Seattle’s Madison Valley. We were meeting to catch up and talk about AIDS/LifeCycle. I had heard about the ride from the previous year that he did and had friends who had done it in the past, but had never done it myself. This conversation would ultimately change the course of my life.

As we talked for almost two hours, Jason told me all about ALC, shared photos, video, and memories of his amazing journey from San Francisco to Los Angeles. He talked to me about his team and fundraising – and eventually I was signed up before I even knew it. It was time for me to get on my bike. At first, I was a little slow to start training and fundraising, but as June approached, I ramped up my training and fundraising and was able to blow past my original fundraising goal of $3,000, raising $8,021 by June 1. At this point, we were off and heading to San Francisco from Seattle to ride 545 miles.

The week of ALC was amazing; meeting new friends, eating lots of food, feeling a part of an awesome community, and helping to save lives was just a fraction of what we accomplished. Oh, and riding 545 miles on a bike! The things that I experienced that week can’t be experienced anywhere else. Now I knew what they meant when they said this week was “life changing”. Each morning I was inspired to get up, eat breakfast, pack my stuff up, and ride my bike from one city to the next so that we could make a positive impact in the lives of those living with HIV/AIDS.

After the ride, I flew back to Seattle but was so inspired that I kept in contact with those in the ALC community and eventually started interviewing for a position in the LA office. I now am the Recruitment Coordinator at AIDS/LifeCycle and can tell you, this ride is truly “life changing”. It takes a little motivation, time, and training, but anyone can do it. Come experience for yourself what AIDS/LifeCycle is all about!