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Meet Your Fellow Cyclist - Jon!

Posted February 28, 2013

This month we sat down with first time AIDS/LifeCycle participant Jon and asked him some questions. We couldn’t be happier that he joined us this year and are excited to introduce him to you!

 1.     Why did you decide to ride in AIDS/LifeCycle this year?

I decided to ride in AIDS/LifeCycle because I have come to realize that life is way too short. I am HIV+ and want to do something that not only helps bring services to our community, but also to do something that my friends and family can get excited about. It's about bringing people together for a cause, and showing the world that just because you are HIV+ does not mean you are alone. People care about you and you are loved.

 2.     Favorite movie?

Dances with Wolves. A great message and a terrific soundtrack.

 3.     Name of your bike?


 4.     Best piece of advice for new riders?

Don't be afraid to ask for help, ALC riders are some of the most generous supportive folks out there, and really want to see you succeed. Oh, and don't forget to unclip before you stop!

 5.     Best moment so far?

The best moments so far have been riding through the hills of Woodside, with warm air blowing across my face, my riding mates leading and following, and having an a-ha moment about my life. Riding provides some of the best meditation one could ask for. Working through the pain and struggle of the ride gives me confidence to overcome the challenges I face in life.

To read more about Jon and his inspiring story, check out his Facebook page.