AIDS Lifecycle - Ride to end AIDS


Pacelines, or drafting, are prohibited on all AIDS/LifeCycle training rides and during the event in June. Pacelines are rows of cyclists who draft off of each other to save themselves some energy and to go faster. This is a technique done by racers but is to be avoided on AIDS/LifeCycle. In a paceline, cyclists ride very close to one another, with the front wheel of a cyclist’s bicycle just a few inches from the rear wheel of the cyclist in front of them. High speeds and the close proximity of people riding in a paceline have led to big pile-ups with many injured riders. Please remember that AIDS/LifeCycle participants run the gamut when it comes to cycling experience, all the way from professionals to novices. Inexperienced cyclists may be startled by a fast paceline, which could cause them to swerve into the line, or off the road completely. Therefore even if you are an experienced cyclist, please refrain from riding in pacelines on all ALC rides.