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Fundraising Leaders

Most AIDS/LifeCycle participants know about our Training Ride Leaders (TRLs); a wonderful group of volunteers whose training and guidance help AIDS/LifeCycle participants cross the finish line year after year.

Training is an important part of AIDS/LifeCycle… and so is fundraising. That is why we are introducing another kind of leader to the AIDS/LifeCycle family this year… Fundraising Leaders!

Meet the Fundraising Leaders

Fundraising Leaders (FRLs) are here to assist rookie and veteran riders alike in need of a little extra help reaching their fundraising goals. FRLS are veteran riders, who have proved one way or the other, that they know what it takes to raise funds! Through mentoring and/or leading two (2) of AIDS/LifeCycle’s most popular fundraising workshops, FRLs will help cyclists take control of their AIDS/LifeCycle 2015 fundraising season!

Should I Request an FRL?

If YOU are a Cyclist who feels it is a struggle to fundraise the minimum amount, or YOU are looking for a way to fundraise a personal best, request an FRL!

How do I become an FRL?

To become an FRL, you must have raised the minimum $3,000 at least once during any previous season (not including self-donation or donation guarantees.) FRLs must also have a current fundraising total of $1,000 and a current fundraising goal of at least $5,000. This means that FRLs must be a current Cyclist, Virtual Cyclist, or Roadie with an active and completed donor page. FRLs will organize and lead one (1) or more workshops before the end of February and/or mentor as many as five (5) Cyclists. FRLs must also be able to use positive talking points related to fundraising, and be both encouraging and enthusiastic in order to lead the workshops.

If you would like to request an FRL, become an FRL, or have questions regarding the program, please contact (When sending your email, please make sure to include “Fundraising Leader” in your subject line.)

Thank you for all you hard work; we greatly appreciate all that you do!