They Make It Happen

Over one thousand people give their time every year to help make AIDS/LifeCycle happen. These generous volunteers lead training rides, recruit Cyclists, and help out with many events we produce throughout the year. Some of these volunteers give an entire week to join us on the road. We call them Roadies.

Roadies are selfless, dedicated, and unbelievably committed as the all-volunteer work force of AIDS/LifeCycle. They get up very early, go to sleep very late, and are particularly great to have around when you need a smile, a hug, or a reason to keep going. Learn more

Volunteers dedicate themselves to leading training rides, doing outreach at street fairs and helping us do crucial work in the office. In other words, AIDS/LifeCycle would not happen without the unbelievable dedication of volunteers throughout the whole year!

Roadie Teams

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Why We Do It - Roadie Stories
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