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Think INSIDE the Box!

Posted April 5, 2013

Bringing a bike box?

What's a bike box, you ask?
It's a hard plastic suitcase to pack your bike in for shipping or airline travel. If you're unsure of how you're getting your bike to the Cow Palace on Orientation Day (June 1st), please visit the Travel Planner to review your options.

AIDS/LifeCycle will happily transport your EMPTY bike box from Orientation Day in San Francisco to Closing Ceremonies in Los Angeles, but:

Your bike box must be
COMPLETELY EMPTY when you drop it off at Orientation Day (June 2nd). Please note that after you drop your bike box off on Saturday you will not have access to it until we arrive in L.A.

Please label your bike box to make it easier to find.
 After riding 545 miles, the last thing you'll want to do is search through a sea of similar looking black plastic bike boxes, so make it stand out!

Please let your Cyclist Representative know if you are bringing a bike box. We want to make sure we can accommodate everyone, and not have any last minute surprises for our awesome Gear & Tent roadies. Thanks!

And speaking of bike shipping, we are very excited to announce the winners of the Free Bike Shipping Incentive held in March. The incentive was a terrific success and a bike box full of congrats goes to Andrew Clarke, Scott Hannibel, and Megan Minkiewicz for FREE ROUND TRIP bicycle shipping for AIDS/LifeCycle 2013!