AIDS/LifeCycle is not a race, but rather, an endurance event.  Many people who have not been on a bicycle for years have been introduced to the sport of endurance cycling through AIDS/LifeCycle.

Your goal in training should be focused on gaining the strength and endurance to ride seven days consecutively.  No matter what your cycling experience and ability, your Cyclist Representative can consult with you to create a training plan that works for you.

To ensure a consistently safe experience for everyone, it is vitally important that all ride participants be vigilant and deliberately conscious of their surroundings and some of the possible perils that can threaten the safety of each individual as well as the event itself. Safety starts with each of us taking personal responsibility for not only our own behavior on the road, but watching out for our fellow Cyclists’ safety as well. Learn more


Your Cyclist Representative and our certified Training Ride Leaders are ready to assist you with advice on equipment, safety, what to expect out on the road, group cycling etiquette, and how to find the right Training Ride. We’ll help you figure out what to do in addition to riding to get yourself into the optimal physical condition to enjoy your AIDS/LifeCycle experience.
Training Workshops

We offer a wide variety of training workshops and classes to help you prepare for AIDS/LifeCycle.
Nutrition & Hydration

Expert Nutrition and Hydration advice for endurance cyclists. Learn more