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Fighting AIDS

Life in Camp

Roadies set up Camp in a new town each night, complete with all the amenities you need. By the time most of you arrive in Camp, it will be up and running. You’ll be able to set up your tent, grab a shower and some food, and enjoy the many other services we offer. The time you spend in Camp is your own (unless you are a Roadie on shift), and you are welcome to enjoy it how you wish. Some people hang out in groups, some visit the massage tent, or some grab a book and a quiet patch of grass. Whatever your preference, we all eventually fall into a routine as we travel down the coast.



Your Tent

We will provide you with a two person (8’X 8’) tent. You can choose your own tentmate or one will be provided for you. Yes, you have to share! You must set up your tent at your designated tent address so that we may find you in case of an emergency, and to reduce wear and tear at our campsites. Please do not bring your own tent. You will be responsible for retrieving your tent from your assigned gear truck when you get into camp and setting it up in your designated spot on the tent grid. In the morning, you and your tentmate are responsible for taking down your tent and delivering it to your gear truck. Don’t worry, tent set up is easy and you’ll soon see that there’s no shortage of friendly, helpful people around to assist you!


California in June is usually pretty reliable, but we will ride in any weather, so be prepared for heat, cold, and rain. Mornings can be cold with fog and wind but usually temperatures get warmer by lunch. You will want to pack your cycling layers and use them!

In extreme cases, we may need to make the decision to cancel a day’s route (or portion of it) and transport participants to the next camp for safety's sake


You can bring one bag with you – this includes your sleeping bag, so pack carefully! Your bag can weigh up to 70 lbs and that should be plenty to get you through the week. Keep in mind, our wonderful Gear Truck Roadies are the ones loading and unloading your bags each day. A bag with wheels is recommended because you’ll be picking up your gear bag and tent each day from your assigned gear truck and taking it to your assigned spot in the tent grid. Every campsite layout is different so the distances will vary.


You will be served a hot breakfast and dinner daily in camp, plus a bagged lunch and plenty of snacks. While basic vegetarian meals will be provided for those that request them, we cannot accommodate the vast range of special dietary needs beyond that. If there is something that you must have, bring it along, or plan to stop along the way (although there may be some portions of the route lacking shopping areas). If you have questions or concerns about our food options, please contact your Participant Representative.

Camp Breakfast Hours: 5am-8am (Roadies can eat as early as 4:00am)

Camp Dinner Hours:  4pm-9pm

Showers & Wash-Up Facilities

All camps have separate men's & women's (hot) showers and sink/mirror areas for washing up & brushing your teeth. The shower stalls are individual with semi-communal changing areas. You’ll find a designated area and tubs to hand wash your clothes near the shower trucks. There are also plenty of the cleanest porta-potties you’ll find anywhere! 

Bike Parking

As soon as you ride into camp, you will park your bike in Bike Parking. The Roadies will scan your bike in as you enter, and you’ll find an empty spot for your bike. Don’t forget to look at the sign at the end of your row so you know where to find it in the morning! Once you’ve parked your bike for the night, you are not allowed to remove it until the route opens the following morning. There is overnight security to keep your bike safe, so no bike locks are required! 

Stage Program

Each night at 7:30, we have daily announcements in the dinner tent, including stories from the road that day, what to expect for the next day's ride, and a variety of speakers and videos to highlight the programs and services that your fundraising goes to support. It’s a fun and inspiring element of the AIDS/LifeCycle experience.   

Info Services

The Info Services tent is open from 6:00am - 8:30am and 1:00pm - 9:00pm and is the place questions are answered. Lost and Found is located here, as well as a message board (if you’re trying to reach another participant), guest check-in (for camp visitors), snacks, water and sports drink, information about the campsites and more.  When in doubt, come to the Info Services tent—if they can’t answer your question, they’ll direct you to someone who can.

Participant Support

If you experience a non-medical related problem (anything from a lost helmet number to a family emergency), you can visit our Participant Support team located in the Command Center at each camp.

Camp Store

The Camp Store will carry a full line of official AIDS/LifeCycle merchandise as well as miscellaneous toiletries and sundry items. The store will be open on Orientation Day and each day in camp from 6:00am – 8:30am and 1:00pm-9:00pm.


This year FedEx will be offering an In-Camp shipping service for personal items you wish to send home early. They will also be able to make or confirm bike shipping reservations at the Finish Line Festival! This service will only be available in Camps 3 and 5 from 1PM – 6:30PM. There will also be additional boxes for purchase from FedEx. Only FedEx accounts and major credit cards will be accepted for this service. For more on bike shipping, please check the Travel Planner.

Roadrunner Shuttle and Limousine Service

If you need transportation out of the Finish Line Festival, AIDS/LifeCycle has contracted with Roadrunner Shuttle and Limousine Service to assist you.  Check out their website for shared van, individual town car & exclusive van service pricing. Once on the event, if you are utilizing Roadrunner’s service or need to make a reservation, please visit their booth in Camp 5 between 3PM and 7PM OR at Camp 6 between 3PM and 7PM (located near the Info Services Tent) to confirm your reservation.

ACE Ride

If you are shipping your bike back to San Francisco via ACE Ride, please visit their booth in Camp 5 between 2PM and 7PM OR at Camp 6 between 3PM and 9PM (located near the Info Services Tent) to confirm your reservation.


Guests are welcome to visit camp. All guests must check in at the Info Services tent, where they will be issued a Visitor badge.  Please remember that only official event vehicles are permitted in campsites and that meals provided by the event are for participants only.


Children/minors under the age of 18 are not permitted to participate in the event.


Pets are not allowed to travel with you on the event or allowed at any campsites.