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Meet Your Fellow Cyclist - Ryen!

Posted February 28, 2013

This month we sat down with first time AIDS/LifeCycle participant Ryen and asked her some questions. We couldn’t be happier that she joined us this year and are excited to introduce her to you!

1.     Why did you decide to ride in AIDS/LifeCycle this year?

I've been wanting to ride ALC for a couple years now but didn't think I was ready for it at the time. My friend and I were talked into it at Pride and registered. I've been through a lot in my life between all my surgeries, physical therapy, doctors visits, and being told what I can and can't do because of my condition that I've grown up wanting to help people and doing whatever I can do to push people in the right direction. ALC to me is another way I can help people by raising money for victims of HIV and AIDS and keeping the issues in the public eye so people are aware of what is going on and how they could also help. Registering has been one of the best decisions I've made in my life and I cannot wait until June! :D

2.     Favorite movie?

My favorite movie would be, A League Of Their Own.

3.     Name of your bike?

I don't have a name for my bike. I don't usually name things.

4.     Best piece of advice for new riders?

Listen to your TRLs and shift your gears! I should take my own advice but I'm too stubborn sometimes. ;) Just go out there, have fun, and never give up. No matter how hard the training ride is for the day, you'll feel better at the end of it and that much closer to being ready for June. Training rides are some of my best memories and best times in life. I look forward to riding every weekend with these amazing people that I have come so close with. It's an awesome feeling to have these people in my life now and I couldn't ask for more.

5.     Best moment so far?

My best moment so far would be riding every weekend with my favorite people! :) There's sooo many amazing moments that I've had, it's hard to just choose one. The first one that comes to mind is when Uncle Mel (Mel Gettleman) and I were sprinting up Bundy and I beat him to the top. I finally conquered Bundy at a fast pace and I finally beat Uncle Mel in a sprint. He and I are always competing with each other so it was a fun win to finally get and hang over his head for the weekend. It was a really great ride that day too.

To read more about Ryen and her inspiring story, check out her Facebook page.