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Training Workshops

We offer a wide variety of training workshops and classes to help you prepare for AIDS/LifeCycle.

Safety Tips

Safety is our number one priority on AIDS/LifeCycle. In order to ensure a consistently safe experience we have established Rules of the Road that all cyclists must adhere to both on AIDS/LifeCycle training rides and on the event.

Each month we'll be bringing you a new safety tip.

All About Your Helmet

Not quite sure if your helmet makes the grade?  Here are some important considerations to keep in mind when thinking about the most important piece of cycling equipment…your helmet. 

Did you know that helmets are required on any AIDS/LifeCycle sponsored ride?  Of course you did!  Not only does your helmet protect your brain, it also serves as the perfect fashion accessory to your flashy suit of spandex!  With just a little T.L.C., you and your helmet will enjoy years of cycling together.  Just follow these simple helmet guidelines:

  • Replace your helmet or get it inspected by a bike shop employee after any serious impact.  This is definitely true if you have a hard crash, but even if you drop your helmet in a certain way or if something falls on top of it, this too could compromise its integrity, making it much less effective in a crash.  Remember that not all damage to your helmet is going to be visible! 
  • Keep track of when you purchased your new helmet and replace it after 3-5 years, depending upon how much you use it.  The foam in your helmet will deteriorate over time, rendering it less and less effective as the years pass.  Again, even if the helmet looks and feels okay, if you have had it longer than 5 years, it’s time to replace it! 
  • Avoid (taking candy and) buying used helmets from strangers.  When buying a used helmet there is no way of knowing what kind of beating it has taken by its previous owner.  New helmets have really come down in price, so spend the extra dough and get yourself a new one!
  • Buying a helmet is like buying a pair of shoes, so make sure you try on different brands, styles and sizes to ensure a proper fit!  As with most cycling accessories, the price range for helmets is vast, so find a price point that you are comfortable with and start there.  You may have to spend a little more (or maybe even a little less!) to find a comfortable fit, but keep in mind that you are going to be wearing it EVERY TIME YOU RIDE, so finding a comfortable fitting helmet is very important!

Our top priority is making sure you get from San Francisco to Los Angeles safely!  So help us out by keeping your helmet in good working order.  The ALC staff (and more importantly, your brain!) will thank you!


When passing, always check look behind you to make sure it is clear, and warn the cyclist in front of you by calling out "On your left!"

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Pacelines, or drafting, are prohibited on all AIDS/LifeCycle training rides and during the event in June.

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Cyclists are required to ride single file, never two (or more) abreast.

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Cyclists must come to a complete stop at all stop signs.

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