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Before passing always look behind you to make sure it is clear!
While there were no car vs. cyclist collisions last year, there were several near misses. 

Always call out "On Your Left!" if you are intending to pass another cyclist or pedestrian. By doing so you will be sure to avoid startling them, which could cause an accident. Make sure that you pass only on the left and NEVER on the right.

If you are the rider being passed, please cooperate and pull to the right as far as safely possible when it is safe to do so. If you are intending to pass, be aware that the rider you are passing may not feel comfortable scooting to the right due to debris or some unseen obstacle.  Whether you are passing or being passed, please communicate and cooperate. Remember that we are all on the same team, and the primary objective for all of us is the safe arrival of every single particpant in Los Angeles!

Special Circumstances

The ALC rule regarding passing on freeways states that it is okay to pass on the freeway when you can do so safely and without crossing over the white line into traffic.